Yasir Abd-Rabbu

Yasir Abd-Rabbu

PA Cabinet Affairs minister from Apr. 2003, previously serving as the long-time minister of information, culture and the arts. Born in Jaffa, 1944, MA in Economics and Politicalitical Science from American University of Cairo. Came into Arab Nationalists Movement-PFLP around 1967 and was key figure in 1968 breakaway of PFLP and DFLP, of which he became its deputy Secretary General and its representative on PLO-Exective Commity from 1973, heading Info and Culture department (1977-1994).

Has been consistently close to Arafat and took part in dialogue with Jordan and US 1988-1990. After 1990-1991 split and formation of Fida, he was a member of the Palestinian delegation to the Madrid talks and helped to coordinate secret Oslo talks in 1993. Kept place in PLO-Exective Commity, where he heads the Media Department. Appointed to head the negotiating team to the final status talks, announced his resignation in May 2000 when secret talks in Sweden were revealed, but without effect. Mahmud Abbas has sought to demote him in the PA to the position of minister without portfolio from Apr. 2003. Was the lead Palestinian participant in the talks that led to the formulation of the Geneva accord (Oct. 2003)

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