Mustafa Barghouthi

Mustafa Barghouthi

Dr. Mustafa Kamil Mustafa Barghuthi. Physician and political activist; advocate for the development of Palestinian civil society and grassroots democracy; international spokesman for the Palestinian NGO sector, and organizer of international solidarity presence in the OPT. Writes extensively for a local and international audience on civil society, democracy issues and the political situation in Palestine, and on health development policy for Palestinians living under occupation.

Born 1954, in the village of Bait Rima, near Ramallah. Trained as a medical doctor in the former Soviet Union, with post-graduate training in Jerusalem, and received his MSc. in Business Administration and Management from Stanford. Member of the Palestinian-Jordanian delegation to the Madrid Peace Conference in 1991. Served as Secretary-General of the Palestinian People’s Party and represented the PPP in the Palestinian National Council until his resignation from the PPP in 2002. Stood for election in the 1996 PLC elections (Ramallah district), but lost out narrowly after a recount.

Barghouthi is President of the Union of Palestinian Medical Relief Committees, an NGO that provides health and community services to more than 1 million people annually in the Occupied Territories. He also serves as Director of the Health Development Information and Policy Institute, an independent Ramallah-based think-tank specializing in policy research and planning for the Palestinian health care system in the West Bank and Gaza Strip.

Dr. Barghouthi was one of the delegates involved in the Madrid Peace negotiations initiated in 1991, and a member of the Steering Committee of the technical committee that prepared the establishment of various Palestinian ministries.

Dr. Barghouthi was one of the founders (Oct 2001) of Grassroots International Protection for the Palestinian People, a program that aims to protect Palestinians, including those engaged in nonviolent protest, through the presence of international civilians to deter or at least bear witness to IDF and settler violence. He also serves as an Associate of the Oxford Research Group, a programme dedicated to developing effective methods for positive change on security issues through non-violent means.

In June 2002, Barghouthi co-founded the Palestinian National Initiative, and currently serves as its Secretary-General. The Initiative aims to build Palestinian national unity in the struggle for independence through the establishment of a united leadership, by promoting an accountable and transparent democratic system in the OPT. It also seeks to develop mass nonviolence and international solidarity as the preferred means of resisting the Israeli Occupation, and to mobilize public opinion by making the Palestinian story visible in the news media through outlets such as Palestine Monitor. Barghouthi announced on 29 November 2004 his intention to run for the Presidency of the PA in the 9 Jan 2005 election, and received the endorsement of his fellow PNI co-founder Dr. Haidar Abdul Shafi

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