The massacre of Ebrahimi Mosque - 25.02.1994

The massacre of Ebrahimi Mosque - 25.02.1994

Baruch Goldstein
Baruch Goldstein
The massacre of Ebrahimi Mosque

An Israeli settler wearing a military uniform, Baruch Goldstein, a well-known Kach leader and a physician from Kiryat Arba settlement in Hebron, entered the Ebrahimi mosque and emptied two clips of a machinegun into Moslem worshippers during the dawn prayer. At least 48 were killed in the initial shooting (Name lised below), more were killed in incidents and protest demonstrations follow the massacre. More than 300 are injured. Some of them were critically injured.

It started last night at the time for the final evening prayer on Thursday February 1994, Jewish settlers and soldiers prevented Muslim worshippers from entering the sacred masque to perform the evening prayer under the pretext that this was the day of their "Boleme" feast. After some time, the occupation forces allowed them to go inside the mosque in groups. At 10:00 P.M. the Muslim worshippers were asked to leave the mosque, and occupation soldiers began beating many of them as they left.

On February 25th 1994 on the holy month of Ramadan, there were many people in the Ebrahimi Mosque to perform their prayers. Dr. Baruch Goldstein passed two army checkpoints from the northeastern gate of the mosque.

He execute his massacre when the more then 350 Muslim worshippers knelt on the floor during there pray with their backs towards him. Hiding behind one of the pillars in the mosque, he threw a hand grenade at the worshippers causing casualties, confusion. And in no time he fired on the worshippers with his rifle. A number of young men were able to get over to where the attacker was and to protect others in the mosque with their bodies. And within moments Goldstein had been brought to the ground by the young men. The shooting lasted for more then ten minutes.

The army didn't step in until the massacre was over. The soldiers, together with a number of Jewish settlers, opened fire on those who had gathered around Goldstein, and not one of them survived in a second massacre. Outside the mosque, the soldiers opened fire on the ambulance which had arrived at the mosque to treat the wounded.

List of the killed Palestinian in the massacre:-

1. Abdel Rahim Abu Sneineh
2. Abdul Haq Jabari
3. Ahmad Abdullah Abu Sneineh
4. Akram Kafisheh
5. Akram Joulani
6. Ala' Badr Abdul Jalil Taha Abu Sneineh
7. Amjad Abdallah Sandal
8. Arafat Musa Burkan
9. Arafat Mahmoud Bayid
10. Atiyeh Mohammad Salameh
11. Ayed Abu Hadid
12. Ayman Ayoub Qawasmi
13. Diab Karaki
14. Diab Muhtasab
15. Fawaz Zughair
16. Hamad Abu Nijmeh
17. Hatem Qader Fakhouri
18. Ismail Kafisheh
19. Iyad Karaki
20. Jamil Ayed Natsheh
21. Kamal Jamal Kafisheh
22. Khairi Aref Abu Hadid
23. Khaled Halaweh Abu Sneineh
24. Kifah Abdul Mu'az Marakeh
25. Marwan Abu Shareh
26. Marwan Mutluk Abu Nijmeh
27. Mohammed Sadeq Abu Zanoun
28. Nader Zahdi
29. Nimer Mohanmmad Nimer Mojahed
30. Nour Ibrahim Muhtasib
31. Raed Mohammed Natsheh
32. Raji Arafat Rajabi
33. Raji Gheith
34. Saber Katbeh
35. Salim Idris
36. Sufian Zahdeh
37. Suleiman Awad Jabari
38. Talal Dandis
39. Tareq Abu Sneineh
40. Tariq Abdeen
41. Wael Obeid Muhtasib
42. Walid Abu Hamdiyeh
43. Yasser Diab Kafisheh
44. Yazen Abdul Mu'ti Marakah
45. Yusef Hroub
46. Zeidan Jabber
47. Zein Gheith
48. Ziad Kafisheh

List of the killed Palestinian in related incidents and demonstrations:-

49. Badran, shot by army in front of Ahli hospital, Hebron
50. Mohammed Yusef Ghayatheh, shot by settler near Beit Jala hospital
51. Mohammad Danaf, 20, Sheikh Radwan, Rafah/Gaza
52. Fadl Kernawi, 16, Bureij refugee camp/Gaza
53. Mohammad Yusef Abed Abdu, 20, Bureij refugee camp/Gaza

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