Kissinger, Henry

Kissinger, Henry

(1923- )

US secretary of state (1973-6) and academic. His family emigrated to the USA in 1938 , Jew . He studied at Harvard, and after war service worked for a number of public agencies before joining the Harvard faculty (1962-71). He became President Nixon's adviser on national security affairs in 1969, was the main American figure in the negotiations to end the Vietnam War (for which he shared the 1973 Nobel Peace Prize), and as secretary of state served under Nixon and Ford. His 'shuttle diplomacy' was aimed at bringing about peace between Israel and the Arab states, and resulted in a notable improvement in Israeli-Egyptian relations. After leaving public office (1977), he became professor of diplomacy at Georgetown, and established Kissinger Associates, a consulting firm. His book Diplomacy was published in 1994.

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