The killing of Mohammed al-Durah

The killing of Mohammed al-Durah

Mohammed & Father #2Mohammed & Father #1

Mohammed al-Durah

One day story of a 12yr old boy called Mohammed al-Durah

This is not a 'Long American movie' where the American hero is always in control, using the latest hi-tech arms to kill criminals, and the 'enemy'. This is a live scene from the street of a densely populated city, where more then 1 Million Palestinians spent their whole lives in camps, and under Israeli occupation, the following story is from Gaza City in the Gaza strip , which is sometimes not on the maps of Americans.

It is just the start of the winter in Gaza where children play in the narrow corridors of the camp in the rain. Yes, it is raining, but not water , it's raining bullets, rockets, and Palestinian blood.

The city has been boiling with anger for three days now (as is in all of Palestine) reacting to the provocative visit of Sabra & Shateela terrorist, Ariel Sharon, to holy site of Al-Aqsa mosque, and to the massacre carried out by the Israel army, and police in Al-Aqsa mosque on Friday during prayers, killing and wounding many worshipers. Gaza, where the first Intifada started (1987) , joined from the first day the new Al-Aqsa Intifada, showing their anger, and demanding that the world re-visit the issue of Palestine, and appealing to the Islamic world to protect Al-Aqsa and Al-Qouds ( Jerusalem ) from the Israeli plans to destroy the holy mosque, and replace it with their claimed 'Temple' which was never found, and archeologically proven to have never been there.

Mohammed al-Durah (a 12 years old boy ) , opened his eyes to the news of Al-Aqsa Intifada, dreaming of a chance to participate, there was no school today, as per the general strike role. The loving father took him, as usual, to the market in order to go on with the family's daily life.

Mohammed's destiny took him with his father to Al-Shuhada road, there is no other way home. Did they reach home?

They were ambushed with a heavy rain that was very heavy, and continuous for more then 45 minutes. The rain was coming from one direction toward Mohammed al-Durah and his father, it was raining live red killing bullets from inside a well secured place in Netzarim, an Israeli kibbutzim in Gaza city . The helpless father and his son were shouting at the Israeli killers to stop the shooting, and at the world to help save their lives.

The rain stopped, only after Mohammed took his last breath , and the father couldn't shout for help any more , an ambulance driver lost his live by attempting to rush the boy, and his father to medical care.

The Israeli message to the world was clear, "We will kill any Palestinian alive, regardless of his/her age, sex, armament , if they were protesting or not, throwing stones or not ... we have orders to shoot live ammunition, on any moving body, in head or chest ... shoot to kill ... , that's the order, we will kill also any one who will try, or even consider helping or saving any of our targets ."

What kind of people kill a 12 yr old boy in his father's lap, and even kill a red cross personel for trying to save the boy, and his father from the massacre ?

This story is just one of hundreds which was not told to the world .

end of story ..
Esam Shasha
Editor of Palestine - Home of history

Reviewed by : Wa-El Elsin, U.S.A.

This is the news coverage of the story of Mohammed al-Durah :-

Mohammad al-Durah was shot dead in the arms of his father who was trying to shield him after they became caught under Israeli fire near Netzarim in the Gaza Strip.

This terrifying last moments were captured by French television and shocked the world.

For 45 minutes, Muhammad and his father trying to hid themselves behind a small concrete barrel as bullets rained around them.

Israeli troops had fired relentlessly, even shooting at an ambulance that had tried to rescue Mohammad and his father , ambulance driver ( Bassam al-Balbesi ) was also killed , and a second ambulance driver was wounded.

Eventually both were hit, Mommahad four times and killed on the spot, Jamal al-Durah survived but was also critically wounded and will suffer permanent paralysis in his right hand.

This is the father Jamal el-Durah reaction to the killing of his son.

Quote "I appeal to the entire world, to all those who have seen this crime to act and help me avenge my son's death and to put on trial Israel.

I also plan to take Israel to the international courts and ask that the criminals responsible for the death of my son be punished.

It is the worst nightmare of my life... My son was terrified, he pleaded with me, 'For the love of God protect me, Baba'.

I will never forget these words." Unquote

We will all not forget Mohammed el-Durah

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