Herbert Samo'yel

Herbert Samo'yel

(1870 - 1963)

Graduated from Oxford University, member of Libral party, he got number of governmental positions until he was the first Jewish minister and cabinet member.

Samo'yel adopted the Zionist idea from 1914, he found it as a soulation to transfer the Jews immegration from West Europe to Palestine.

In 1915 he submited a probosal to the cabinet members suggesting to transfer Palestine to a British manadte and to incarage Jewish immegration to it.

In 1920, With Gorge Loyed as prime minister, his probosal was adopted, and he has been aoopented as British High Commissioner in Palestine. In 2 August 1920, we issued an immegration law which allow 16500 Jew to immegrate to Palestine. Facing a resistant and objections from the Arab Palestinians, Britian adjusted there policy related to the Jews immegration, eventhough, number of immegrated Jews increased to 118,000 by 1925. 

He also help in establishing number of Jews organizations in Palestine as will as considering the Hebrow langauage as one of the local langauges. Number of Jews settelments increased from 44 to 100 during this time in power.

After few years he quit his job, he worked for the Palestine Electrical Co. and in the Hebrow University until his death in 1963.

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