George Habash

George Habash

Known as Al-Hakim. Politician and guerilla leader. Greek-Orthodox, physician, born 1925 in Lydda, Palestine. Expelled from there in 1948. Graduate in medicine, 1951 from American University of Beirut;

In the early 1950s member of the Organization, "Oppose to Political Settlement with Israel". Pan-Arabist and Nasser-follower in early years. He called for fighting the national struggle for Palestine in a united Arab struggle.

Founder member and activist in the Arab National Movement (founded in the early 1950s at the American University of Beirut). In 1968 he established the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP), he is the General Secretary since then.v Following the October War of 1973, Habash became the leading voice of the "Rejection Front" four Palestinian groups who opposed any diplomatic settlement to the conflict with Israel. Under his leadership the PFLP successfully organized clandestine cells in the Israeli-occupied West Bank and Gaza. Habash was the target of several assassination attempts, one of which partially paralyzed him.

From 1982, was based in Damascus, but moved to Amman with deteriorating health in 1992. Resigned from post as Secretary General of the PFLP in Apr. 2000 in order to set up a research centre

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