Faruq al-Qaddumi

Faruq al-Qaddumi

Faruq al-Qaddumi [Abu Lutf] head of PLO’s Politicalitical Department in Tunis (PLO’s ‘Foreign Minister’) and Fatah central committee member. Born 1931, Jinsafut in Qalqilya district but grew up in Haifa, with 1948 war, returned to Nablus. Left for Saudi to work as a personnel officer for ARAMCO in 1952-1954, then trained in economics and Politicalsci in Cairo (grad. 1958), where worked through GUPS, became a Ba‘thist, but left after break-up of UAR and joined Fatah. Moved between Libya, Saudi and Kuwait (where he worked for the Health Ministry until expelled) until 1965 1956. Settled in Damascus. Joined PLO - Executive Committee in 1969 to lead Department of Pop Orgs, then headed the Political department from 1973. Extensively developed contacts with Arab States through 1970s, tho remained close to Syria and Iraq.

Thought to have been close to Sa‘id al-Muragha’s Fatah Uprising movement, and rumours that he nearly joined it in 1983. Instead, became Secretary General of Fatah - Central Committee.

Rejected the Oslo process, refused to sign the Declaration of preincipels (replaced by Abbas), he never become a minister in PA or even enter PA areas, but continued to serve as FM, and accepted appointment as director of Palestinian Economic Council for Development and Reconstruction (PECDAR), although leaving its operation to Qurai‘. Is seen by many members of Fatah - Central Committee who reject Oslo as a potential successor or replacement of Arafat, but has little popularity in West Bank and his role has largely been taken over by Abu Mazin and Nabil Sha‘th

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