Al-Ali, Naji

Al-Ali, Naji


Palestinian Cartoonist, born in 1938 in Skajara village (Galilee). Fled with his family to Lebanon during the first Arab-Jews war, grew up in Ein al-Hilwe refugee camp in Lebanon. Published his first drawings in the Lebanese newspaper Al-Muharer in the early 1970s. Later he worked for Al-Watan newspaper in Kuwait. In the mid of 1970s, he returned to Lebanon, drawing for different newspapers. He went back to Kuwait in 1982 to work for Al-Qabas newspaper, transferred then to Al-Qabas newspaper London office. Assisnated by short range shot on 22 July 1987 in London, led to his death on 29 August.

Famous for his his cartoon chartectar figure Handalla, who always turn his back to the world and look at Palestin and the situation of Palestine under occupation

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