Khalid al-Hasan

Khalid al-Hasan

Khalid al-Hasan (Khalid Muhammad al-Hasan) [Abu Sa’id] Fatah leader. Born 1928 in
Haifa, the oldest of 6 children, worked for British military in 1948 and evacuated to Sinai. Later joined family who were refugees in Sidon, then moved to Damascus where he formed a short-lived group Tahrir Filastin in 1949. Also had worked in East Africa, imprisoned in Egypt, but through his job as a teacher in Damascus in the early 1950s helped found the Islamic Liberation Party in 1952. After being arrested in late 1952, left to work as a civil servant in Kuwait, rising from a position as a typist to General-Secretary of the Municipal Council Board, and was awarded Kuwaiti citizenship. In parallel, he came into contact with Fatah from 1959 he become a full member in 1963,and the leader of the first Fatah Central Committee, and opposed the commencement of military actions on Israel in 1964-1965. On PLO - Executive Committee from 1968-1973 as head of Political Department, but resigned at Jan. 1973 from PNC due to his opposition to the resolution to overthrow the Jordanian monarchy. After 1973, became head of the PNC foreign relations committee, also built and maintained Fatah's strong links with Saudi from 1969. Made argument at Fatah - Central Committee meeting in Shtaura after Oct. 1973 war that Palestinian struggle could only continue with West Band and Gaza State, as Arab States were looking to make peace with Israel.

Thought to have been the author of the "Fahd memorandum" of May 1977, which formed the basis of discussion with US before Sadat's visit. Made "unofficial" Palestinian 5-point proposal in tour of EEC in Apr-May 1980, for Israel's withdrawal from ocuppuied territories , replaced by UN forces which will make arrangements for the creation of a West Band and Gaza State within 1 year, followed by international negotiations at which remaining issues will be dealt with. Was generally opposed to military means, stressing collective leadership and democratic values. Broke with Arafat due to latter's position in the Gulf War, but was nonetheless stripped of Kuwaiti citizenship. Moved to Morocco, where he was author of Grasping the Nettle of Peace (1992) in which he proposed a “Swiss-style confederation” in which citizens would vote according to their canton. Opposed to Oslo, due to lack of democratic decision-making. Died on Oct. 1994 from cancer.

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