Ismail Abu Shanab

Ismail Abu Shanab

Hamas leader in Gaza. Born in 1955, trained as a construction engineer at Colorado State Univirsity (from which he holds a Masters degree). Teaches engineering at
Gaza's Islamic Univirsity. Speaks fluent English. Served as a deputy to Ahmad Yassin and was imprisoned for 7 years for this. On release in late 1996, led the Hamas slate that won 8/11 seats on Gaza Engineering Association. Served as Hamas observer to the PLO- Central Committee, and is their representative to the National and Islamic Forces. Seems to accept a two-state settlement in a 1997 interview, and accepted the Saudi peace plan in Apr. 2002 interview, saying that Hamas would "cease all military activities" if Israel withdrew to 1967 borders. Was the Hamas representative to the 2002 talks in Gaza of all the major factions on a united Palestinian programme, and reportedly was involved in the drafting of the 10th of Aug. draft agreement.

Killed in an Israeli attack on Gaza, 21 Aug 2003.

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