Shafiq al-Hut

Shafiq al-Hut

Shafiq al-Hut Veteran PLO leader. Born 1932, Jaffa, fleeing with family in 1948 to Beirut. Obtained a BA in biology from American Univirsity of Beruit, then worked as a
teacher, before making his way from 1958 as a pro-Nasir journalist for Beirut newspapers. As a leading figure in a group of intellectuals called the Palestine Liberation Front (established 1961), he wrote a pamphlet, Tariq al-Awda (1963) which was taken into name of group (Palestine Liberation Front-Path of Return PLF-PR). Formed alliance with Shuqayri, who made him PLO representative in Beirut (1965, a position he held until 1993) and onto PLO - Executive Committee (Jul. 1966), encouraging the formation of Palestinian associations in Lebanon, through which to recruit activists. PLF-PR incorporated Palestine National Liberation Front of Ahmad al-Sa‘di in 1966, and obtained recruits for PLA. West Bank PLF-PR supported Fatah, and eventually incorporated itself into it by Sep. 1968 after al-Hut decided to leave.

Thought to have been offered position as PLO spokesman after Kamal Nasir’s death, but refused, but did serve as PLO representative to the UNGA on various occasions. As the PLO representative in Lebanon, took a key role in managing the Palestinian position in the conflict and civil war, narrowly avoiding assassination on various occasions in 1976. Opposed Oslo, and suspended his participation in PLO - Executive Committee, removing himself from all positions in PLO. Remains critical of leadership's stance towards refugee Palestinians and espcialy those in Lebanon, helps in coordinating Damascus groups.


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