Salah Khalaf

Salah Khalaf

Salah Khalaf [Abu Iyad] Fatah leader and chief ideologue. Born 31 Aug 1933, Jaffa, where attended Marwaniyya school, a refugee in 1948 to Gaza, where he acquired
paramilitary youth training through the Muslim Brotherhood (in the Shabab al-Tha‘r). Left Gaza in 1951 to train in Cairo as a teacher, and came to lead the Palestinian Students Union with Arafat, firstly as Arafat's deputy (1952-1956) and then president (1956-1957).

After teaching in Gaza, moved to Kuwait where he was a founder of Fatah. Khalaf attributing the model to the FLN in Algeria, claimed his other personal influences were Lenin, Mao, Fanon. Chief of PLO ‘Special Services’ (the Revolutionary Surveillance Directorate, Mufawwadiyya al-Rasd al-Thawri) from 1968 until Sep. 1971, and then the Jordan Affairs Bureau (created Mar. 1972) to conduct operations there, widely credited with Black Sep. operations, tho he claimed to know them without participating . 1st Fatah advocate of the Democratic State from 10 Oct. 1968, and of 2 State solution from Feb. 1974. In Apr. 1989, recorded a video message to Israel appealing for a 2 State solution. A leftist, and critical of the conservative Arab governments, he maintained close ties with PFLP and DFLP, and opposed Arafat’s reconciliation talks with Mubarak in Dec. 1983. Strongly critical of Iraq's invasion of Kuwait, he reportedly told Saddam Husayn that he was destroying the Palestinian movement. This seems to have led to his assassination on 14 Jan. 1991 in Tunis by the Abu Nidal faction.

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