Nabil Amr

Nabil Amr

PA minister of information from Apr. 2003-Oct. 2003 and former PA minister for parliamentary affairs from Aug. 1998. Born1947, from al-Dura. Trained in law at
Damascus Univitsity, also obtaining a diploma in media and radio broadcasting from Cairo university.

Served as director of the PLO's Sawt Filastin, PLO ambassador to Moscow (from 1988-1993, wrote a book on the fall of the Soviet Union), editor-in-chief of al-Hayat al-Jadida and director of the PA radio and TV authority. He is a Fatah-Revolutionary Council member, he is PLC member (Fatah) for Hebron. Was a member of the Palestinian negotiating team. Resigned his ministry on 3rd May 2002, demanding overhaul of PA and changes to the cabinet. Walked out of PLC session on 29 Oct. 2002 in protest at new cabinet and called for the appointment of a Prime Minister, supporting Mahmud Abbas for this position. In response, his house was shot at by al-Aqsa members. Mahmud Abbas named him as part of his cabinet in Apr. 2003, as information minister, but lost his position in Oct. 2003. Stood for position of PLC speaker in Mar. 2004, but won only 15 votes.

On 20 Jul. 2004, he was shot and injured in Ramallah by unidentified, presumably Palestinian, gunmen.


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