Mahmud Zahhar

Mahmud Zahhar

Hamas Gaza spokesperson. Born 1945, Zaytun district of Gaza City. Studied at Cairo's Ayn Shams university, graduated in 1971. Returned to Gaza in 1976, where he worked as a thyroid surgeon and lecturer at Islamic University in Gaza Medical Department. Led Hamas (with Rantisi) after Apr. 1989 and held private meeting with Rabin.

Served as Hamas unofficial representative to the PLO from Jan. 1990. Was deported with his brother Fadil to Marj al-Zahhur in Dec. 1992.

Repeatedly arrested after his subsequent return. His son Khalid was killed by an Israeli missile strike on his home on 10 Sep. 2003, a strike which also badly injured his wife. Believed to be part of Hamas 3-person leadership after Rantisi's assassination in 2004

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