The killing of Sami Abu Jazar

The killing of Sami Abu Jazar

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Sami Abu Jazar

On Tuesday, Oct. 10, 2000. Sami Abu Jazar (12 years old boy) and around 50 more school children were throwing stones to at a well secure Israeli army outpost in Rafah, southern Gaza.

Sami Abu Jazar, was shot directly by an Israeli soldiers with a live bullet in his head , with his school backpack still on him, Sami was carried into an ambulance . According to doctors at the Gaza hospital Sami was shot with a live bullet .

For two days Sami Abu Jazar, was connected to a life support machine in the intensive care unit at Al-Shafah hospital in Gaza Strip in a very critical condition .

on October 12, 2000 , he was carried to the graveyard in the Gaza Strip city of Rafah in a huge funeral

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