Ghassan Kanafani

Ghassan Kanafani

Ghassan Kanafani (Ghassan Fayiz Kanafani) writer and PFLP leader. Born 9 Apr. 1936, from Acre, a 1948 refugee. Recruited to Arab Nationalists Movement in 1953. Had worked as an UNRWA teacher in Syria, but expelled from Damascus Univirsity (where he studying Arabic lit) in 1955 due to Political activities. Thereafter, worked as a teacher in Kuwait 1955-1960, combined with recruiting for Arab Nationalists Movement and acting as editor of al-Ra‘i, and moved to Beirut from 1960, to edit al-Hurriyya. Became leading member of PFLP, and was editor of al-Hadaf, its weekly magazine.

He wrote number of stories concern the trauma of uprooting and refugee life, especialy Men in the Sun (1962), on the attempts by 3 Palestinian refugees, interpreting their present situation through their memories, to smuggle themselves from Lebanon to the Kuwait, but who die at the border, and Ard al-Burtuqal al-Hazin (Land of Sad Oranges, 1962) on the oranges bought by a Jaffan family as they flee northwards in 1948. Return to Haifa (1967, lit Returnee to Haifa), moves between 1948 and 1967, with a refugee returning to visit his former home after 1967. Major non-fictional works include Adab al-muqawama fi Filastin al-muhtallah, 1948-1966 (Beirut Dar al-Adab, 1966), and his history of the 1936-1939 revolt, originaly in Shu’un Filastiniyya (1972), but reproduced in widely circulated Arabic and English PFLP booklets. Married to Anni, a Danish activist. Killed by an Israeli car bomb in Beirut 8 Jul. 1972, together with his niece

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