Benjamin, Netanyahu

Benjamin, Netanyahu

(1949- )

Born 21 Oct. 1949 in Tel Aviv, Israel, but his family moved to the US in 1963. Served in army from 1967-1972 (and led the raid on Ben Gurion airport attackers on May 1972), returned to US to study in 1972. His brother Jonathan was killed in the Entebbe raid (Jul. 1976). Worked as a marketing manager of a furniture company (1979-1982), then deputy head of Israli embassy in the US. Became Israel's permanent representative to the UN in 1984, and deputy minister of foreign affairs from 1988. Ran in Likud's internal elections for prime ministerial candidate in 1991, party leadership from 1993, and Prime Minister from 23 Jun. 1996 (elected 29 May. 1996 in 1st direct prime ministerial elections). Lost to Barak in May. 1999 elections. Pioneered the motion through Likud Central Committee on 12 May 2002 to reject in perpetuity a Palestinian state west of the Jordan. Finance Minister in the Likud government from Feb. 2003.

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